Ghostery heads to SXSW: video in-hand!

Have you ever had so many ads on your webpage you think about the “good ol’ days” of a webpage just being a webpage…? If you said yes, you are in luck! Meet Ghostery.

Ghostery helps you browse smarter by giving you control over ads and tracking technologies to speed up page loads, eliminate clutter, and protect your data. Due to their incredible technology and unique approach, Ghostery is a finalist for the South By Southwest 2017-18 Interactive Innovation Award in the Privacy and Security Category. Ghostery will be presenting at the Showcase on Sunday March 11th in Downtown Austin, TX for roughly 5000 attendees and judges. Last minute, Ghostery realized they needed a video to be presented at the showcase, but luckily being a CoLab member, Ghostery had The Pod Advertising right next door to help them create the perfect video for the big day.

“When we were looking for places for Ghostery we wanted to be a part of a space where mutual assistance amongst employees was able to happen. Since being a Co-Lab member we have gotten just that. The environment provides people a collaborative space to create, easily the best place to work in Tallahassee”

-Pete Knowlton, Community Marketing Lead.

Ghostery came to The Pod Advertising with three requirements for the video: quick turn-over time, great quality, and 30 seconds. In just ONE day The Pod Advertising was able to shoot, edit, and send the video to Ghostery, which was then sent off the SXSW crew the next day.

CoLab @ The Pod is more than a place where you come to get work done without worrying about rent or overhead, it is a group of people who care about the success of one another and support the endeavors of each organization in anyways possible. Check out The Pod Advertisings work and our CoLab Space.

Best of luck to Ghostery at SXSW, we are so proud of your team’s hard work and dedication!

PS. To Our Austin Followers: Sandwiched between the Showcase and the Awards banquet Tuesday, Ghostery is hosting a celebration event at the world famous 3Ten - Austin City Limits venue, to a small group of Internet Privacy enthusiasts and loyal Ghostery users. Ghostery is going open-source in March and they for sure deserve a party.

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